"Spanish River Parents & Students, 
Effective November 30th, all Transcripts requests are submitted electronically by completing a google form below-see links.  Before submitting your transcript request please keep in mind that there are a several options to request a transcript. 
1. We can provide you with an Unofficial Transcript in a PDF file via email.
2. We can electronically submit your Transcript to any public Florida University/College. 
3. We can upload your Transcript through the Common App/Coalition App.
4. We can mail an Official Transcript (hard copy) to any Out of State University/College or In State (Florida) Private University/College.
Click here to request an Unofficial Transcript
Click here to request an Electronic Transcript to any Florida Public University/College
Click here to request a Transcript upload for Common App/Coalition App
Click here for an Official Transcript to any Out of State University/College or In State Private University/College
For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact: 561-241-2201
 Previous SRHS students that have graduated can request a transcript if graduation was within 3 years.   
If your graduation was more than 3 years ago you must contact the School District Records Management Office to obtain your transcript.  See contact information below: 
Phone:  561-434-8029
Fax: 561-434-8660
Email: [email protected]