Palm Beach County World Language Fair 2020




All K-12 students enrolled in a world language class are eligible to participate.

Students must be registered through your world language teacher.

Participants must be registered for competition at the level for which they are enrolled or higher. Native Speakers (students whose first language is that of the competition and/or who speak that language in the home) must be registered and compete as such.

Each student may enter a maximum of two competitions.

The categories for competition are:

  • French reading comprehension - Each school may enter up to 4 students per level of French in this 30-minute reading exam.

  • Original skits and published plays - Original student-written skits and published plays originally written in the target language should be five to ten minutes long (inclusive of set-up and take-down). Skits are for students in language levels 1-2 and published Plays are for students in language levels 3 and above. 

  • Classifier stories: ASL - American Sign Language students may retell one of the selected stories for this event.

  • Poetry declamation - Poems selected must be level-appropriate, memorized, and recited with feeling and emotion that clearly shows mastery of the poem’s meaning and style.

  • Impromptu speaking - Students randomly select 3 topics according to their level and background (e.g., non-native, heritage, or native speaker) and then choose ONE of the selected topics on which to prepare a short speech in the target language. Students in second year language and above will present a two-minute speech, while non-native students in level 1 may present a one-minute speech.

  • Entertainment showcase - Each school may enter a maximum of 3 entertainment acts (vocal, instrumental, or dance). Entertainment acts must be culturally authentic to the target language (no translations of American pop songs) and no longer than 4 minutes in length. 

  • Parade of nations - Each school may enter a maximum of 3 costumes that most creatively and artistically represent the culture of any country where the target language is spoken natively.

Please contact Kris Earle for more information.