DECA Districts Results

DECA Districts Results
Posted on 01/18/2023

In this year’s DECA District competition, we are proud to announce that we’ve qualified a total of 146 students for the State competition. The students competed with a problem solving styled role-play or they had a presentation. For their respective categories we had…

1st Place - 29

2nd Place - 28

3rd Place - 13

Our 1st Place Winners are

⁃ Sofia Talmadge

⁃ Abigail Adler

⁃ Brody Pellegrino

⁃ Samantha Anders

⁃ Alec Beylus

⁃ Sasha Cooper 

⁃ Leah Hoffman

⁃ Cadence Coffey

⁃ Sophia Camacho

⁃ Kevin Netto

⁃ Trent Feldman

⁃ Sienna Renert

⁃ Jaden Keiser

⁃ Zachary Athan

⁃ Katerina Bass

⁃ Lindsay Portmess

⁃ Madolyn Murphy

⁃ Corynne Pereira

⁃ Amanda Zabad

⁃ Aya Aldorri

⁃ Isabella Dos Anjos

⁃ Kshitij Chaudari

⁃ Amanda Vogel

⁃ Brooke Styka

⁃ Lola Plasencia

⁃ Natasha Rattray

⁃ Emily Sadowsky

⁃ Reese Marcus

⁃ Alexander Rosenthal

We still have dozens of DECA books that are being judged, also for the opportunity to qualify for DECA States. We can’t wait to add to our numbers.